Windows server 2008 r2 workgroup mode

windows server 2008 r2 workgroup mode

I think this is basic use when sharing resources between a server and workstation!
Hello all, I'm having a problem with "classical" file sharing in a workgroup between windows 2008 r2 standard windows server and windows Seven Professional.
Basically, normal users can't have the opportunity to access payrol stuff.
Share permissions full access to user tete.Problem is the error code returned is -1 rather than server one of the given errors in the documentation bool CLocalUsers:AddUser(lpctstr workgroup lpszUserName, lpctstr lpszPassword) / Clear error code m_dwLastError 0; user_info_1 ui; ri1_name (lptstr lpctstr)lpszUserName; ri1_priv mode user_priv_user; ri1_home_dir null; workgroup ri1_comment null; ri1_flags UF_script UF_dont_expire_passwd; ri1_script_path null;.However, if I run this on Windows server 2008 R2 that isn't on a domain I get an error.The only way to be able to open the folder., thus, to avoid "access denied" is to give, at server level, full permissions to everybody both at ntfs and normal share's permissions level?Nerr_Success) / debug only CString szErrorMsg; rmat T Error code d m_dwLastError :AfxMessageBox(szErrorMsg, server MB_OK / debug only return false; return true; It's being run under admin privileges.Server name tata, workgroup name wkgp, windows 7 professional, where I added a user named tete that will be the normal user for daily tasks.The workgroup environment is only for 10 users, thus I don't want to go to domain. I created a folder, name shrd, nTFS permissions full access to everybody and Administrator's group.
I'm not happy with giving everybody access to all the shares.

Can I do it if it is not in a domain?On the seven Workstation: I access the shrd share at logon through a kixtart script.Status, solved, priority, medium, security, public, views 580.I have a 2008 R2 Core server in workgroup mode that admin for various professional reasons I don't want to photo be part of a domain.And if so how would I do it?I've experimented mani with different password sizes but I can happily create the same account with the same information using the Server Manager version tool that comes with Windows 2008.What is the tweak to avoid this?What I did, that I describe below works perfectly in a windows 2000 environment (same configuration, only OSs changed).I'm new bits in using those new versions of Windows.This user has no password.NO domain NOR AD in this environment.I was told many times to go to domain and AD, but I don't think this is a solution. User name tete, workgroup name wkgp, on this fresh install: On the server tata: I created a user account tete identical football to the one created on the workstation.
I tried admin many other ways but I all the time get access denied.
I'm trying to add a local user to Windows using the Network Management API.