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Device should be debricked!
Replace /dev/sdx with the book actual device the MBL disk is attached.
I/O size (minimum/optimal 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes.
Device: /dev/sda image_img: /media/mint/sonyape/g destroy: true this is the point of no return, book continue?Notes for My Book western Live Duo.If you upgrade OpenWrt on book a western GPT disk, it will reset to the default MBR partitions and leave a damaged GPT.Type 'help' to view a list of commands.Product Firmware, select your Language.Although an official.04 build exists, for all intents and purposes, live MBL Duo digitals support started with OpenWrt.06.OpenWrt will mount its root on /dev/sda2, consequently boot will fail if the disk in the right bay does not contain OpenWrt. Warning: blocksize 65536 not usable on most systems.
Please see also the notes for MBL Duo below.

(Using the GPT MAY permit recovery of GPT data.) 1 - MBR 2 - GPT 3 - Create blank GPT Your digitals answer: digitals Use option 2 here, confirm your decision, write the GPT table to mountain disk and reboot.Remove the disk from their enclosure (easy on MBL Duo, a bit more elaborated on MBL Single) and connect it to a host computer running Linux.WD SES, wD direct SmartWare, wD Sync for Windows, wD Universal Firmware Updater for Windows.Drive enumeration, contrary to Western Digital documentation and nomenclature, the MBL Duo hardware enumerates its sata ports beginning from the right: When viewed from the front, sata port 0 is located in the right bay (Drive B in the manual sata port 1 in the.This leads to problems if the version of OpenWrt differs between the two drives, for example after a sysupgrade; The kernel would mismatch and the system will, at best, not photoshop work properly.Org/debian/ lenny main deb-src bian.Warning: Invalid CRC on main header data; loaded backup partition table.Upgrading lion with a GPT disk. OpenWrt builds prior.06.2 or snapshots dated would, if both inserted drives contain OpenWrt, load kernel and dtb from sata 1:1 (the disk in the left bay) while mounting the rootfs on sata 0:1 (the disk in the right bay).
Gz which does not have to (and due to memory constraints probably shouldn't) be unzipped.
Any partitions addictive you created beyond the default two OpenWrt partitions will be missing.