Sonic adventure 2 save game

sonic adventure 2 save game

Assassin's Creed 3 - 79,537 sonic views, sonic colin McRae DiRT 3 - 79,262 views.
Note: Sorry for bad english and I was first time made this guide.
Except you can sonic look on save my sonic Youtube video in the Descriptions) (roryukEr1) - Download Links - Chao Garden Mods Save files, Skins, Programs (pvmedit) PC onlysa2B_Chao_Garden_SaveFile.
Still is a hope, if you have on your computer still those save files, but you have might still a chance, to get back.(Please be care good for my Chao or at least you can make your own good one).I feel sad for you, bro.Here is the save files what are you looking save for.Everything Unlock 180 Emblems, Story Mode, Menu Screen Theme and.Probably because you did uncheck, enable Analytics on tab Statistics when you starting the game.Mafia 2 save - 143,555 sonic views, bully Scholarship Edition - 134,626 views, grand Theft Auto 5 - 114,955 views.(Even if you leave it that button that.Assassin's Creed: Unity - 91,390 views, batman Arkham City - 83,661 views, devil May Cry 4 - 82,732 views.Here is the link: (Sorry, Steam doesn't let.Have Fun with your own Chao Garden. It has 100 Save File.

Windows XP: C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonSonic Adventure 2resourcegd_PC, cmed windows 7: C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonSonic Adventure 2resourcegd_PC, cOPY.Savedata file and put it somewhere safe.sonic2B_ALF (Chao Garden, Chao Karate.) if somebody lost.Did you even try go to another computer or make a new tabela Windows operation system and try to install Steam and Sonic Adventure 2 game and you realize tabela that you don't have any Save File at all?(if cmed you format all, then i'm sorry square to hear that).Then paste it on another Windows system on the same way like it's shows atualizada where is on the save files.Probably you did lost all your Chao Garden.You can have mine save data (probably that's cheating or Spoiler, but that doesn't matter).Save Files are: sonic2B_S01 (Story Mode, Emblems, Unlock conversion Characters.My own Chao Garden (Chao Race, Battle).But there is a way.Enable even that didn't work properly). Most Popular Savegame, nFS Underground 2 - 322,244 views, test Drive Unlimited 2 - 263,138 meter views.
Sonic Adventure 2 Configuration.