Schedule appointment us visa dubai

schedule appointment us visa dubai

This article will discuss how you can apply for a tourist visa to the United States.
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If you are a passport appointment holder of another country but you are living in Dubai, you may not need a visa to enter the US schedule as a visitor.
As of 2016, the Tourism Visa dubai Fee is 160 or visa AED 590.Travel history (specifically international travel visa Application Procedure, once you have prepared schedule the necessary documents and details, get ready to follow these steps: Accomplish visa the Online Non-immigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160).Select the language UAE: English.If you see a still not confirmed message, just wait for sometime and check again.New Applicant New Applicant page Enter the following information Given Name Comment: Enter or review your given name from your passport Surname Comment: Enter or review your surname from your passport Country/Authority that visa issued Passport Comment: Enter the country of your passport Country of Birth. Profile Creation US Visa Appointment Homepage To schedule US visa interview head over to the Visa Information and Appointment System for the Embassy of the United States website.
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Info on the.S.Check where you need to apply in Dubai.If applicable, required documents based on visa class (such as a petition approval for visa petition-based visas; more information schedule about visa types and information about each can be found here ).The US visas for Dubai residents are grouped into two main categories: US nonimmigrant visas.For each question, there is a comment explaining what exactly needs to be entered.TravelAssists staff will fill in the form DS-160 to book your US visa appointment with the US General Consulate in Dubai.Location Location page Enter the following information Please Select Your Country or State of Residence Comment: Select the location where you want to schedule your visa appointment Click on Continue to go to the Language section.Remember your Application.You will need a copy of your confirmations for your fingerprints/photo and US visa interview.Related Post: How to Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa in Dubai for Europe Travels.They will also check your prepared application file to ensure it has the highest possible prospect of success. Comment: Review information and select Yes Select No if you see any discrepancy.
Age, previous Visas, dubai documentation Delivery, payment Options, schedule Fingerprints and Photo Appointment (applicable only in some countries).

During the interview, you might be asked for more information about yourself and the purpose of your travel.
Click this link to proceed to the US Visa Information and Appointment Services: m choose schedule appointment us visa dubai Non-immigrant Visa Applicant.
Mailing address and contact number, permanent address and temporary address (if any).