Moscow metro map english version

The precise opening time varies at different stations according to english the moscow arrival of the first train, but all stations simultaneously close their entrances at 01:00 for moscow maintenance.
Excursions in the most moscow beautiful metro in the world!
Pictograms, the main rules moscow of self-conduct in metro cars are doubled with pictograms: no drinking of alcoholic beverages, no smoking, and no placing of private ads.Visit sections of network closed for passengers Depot!Scheme of Moscow underground version development - March 2017 (click to enlarge).Scheme of Moscow underground development 2023 (November 2018, click to enlarge).Address: Entrance hall of Vystavochnaya station of Filyovskaya line.There is no doubt that it will be interesting both for foreigners and guests from Russian regions, as well as for Moscow citizens.Signs showing the stations that can be reached in a given direction are in each station.3 A version complete map is also on each station both inside and outside, and in the trains, but not english on the platforms.Moscow Metro rules, the list of Moscow Metro rules is mandatory for every metro car.Voice announcements refer to the lines by name.Scheme of Moscow underground development 2023 (January 2019, click to enlarge).Moscow underground map (draft) with lines 8A, 11 and 15 (click to enlarge).Scheme of Moscow underground development 2021 (click to enlarge). Construction timing of Line 11 and Line 15 of the Moscow Metro (May 15, 2018).
The lines are also assigned specific colours for maps and signs.
Two other pictograms remind the passengers and metro employees to not take any video without written permission, but to take photos freely.

Find out how metro was constructed!A male voice announces the next station when traveling towards the centre of billing the city, and garmin tools a female voice when going away from.There are the most beautiful stations of keygen Moscow metro in tour program and 44 of them are objects of cultural heritage.Moscow subway jewel map, moscow subways which transport 7 mllion math passengers per day, exist since 1935 and are operated by the Moskovsky Metropoliten.Working hours: MondaySaturday 10:0018:00, Sunday day off.The minimum interval between trains is 90 seconds during full the morning and evening rush hours.The average daily passenger traffic.6 million.Its total length is 308.7 km (191.8 mi) and consists of 12 lines and 186 stations.Audio guide system makes them especially convenient and thrilling.The message is reinforced visually: the numbers of prohibiting sections are marked with the recognizable stop sign.Each line is identified according to keygen an alphanumeric index (usually consisting of a number a name and a colour.Moscow metrolines traffic map as June 2019 (click to enlarge).The system operates in an enhanced spoke-hub distribution paradigm, with the majority of rail lines running radially from the centre of Moscow to the outlying areas. Scheme of Moscow underground development 2022 (click to enlarge).
Metrotour is a joint project of Moscow Metro and the Museum of Moscow, its aim is to popularize the objects of cultural heritage of the capital of Russia and the most beautiful metro in the world.