Mani admin plugin 2013

We admin especially want to say thanks to: Mani - plugin Core Developer, keeper - Core Developer, vuurWerk - Core Developer Site Hoster xFactor - Moderator Author of plugin M-A-P Stats Reader.
The reason for plugin this decision was that we don't have enough manpower anymore to be dealing with the frequent updates for the source engine and all its different versions.
Bailopan - Developer of SourceMod (helping us out or giving us srcds related hints from time to time) nomy - Global plugin Moderator Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.
We have given M-A-P a admin great lifetime from being a simple server plug-in to becoming part of a huge community that has hosted M-A-P on their servers for all these years.Du bist Deutschland - Former German Moderator Long Time Supporter of M-A-P flash477 - Author of the M-A-P.0/1.1 documentation Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.We want to give a really big thank YOU to all of you who supported us during all these years.This was a tough decision, but from our point of view, it's better to bring it to an end now, than allowing it to continue to slowly fall apart admin on its own.Rogue/bobbobagan - Former Global Moderator Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.Mani Admin Plug-in will be closing down. Schlabberdog - Author of ManiWebAdmin, nux - Former Administrator, isias - Administrator Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.
DeaD_Eye - Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.

Thanks for all the codes love and all the support.Its been great running M-A-P with you guys.Kleos - Global Moderator extended Long Time Supporter of vistaprint M-A-P _James2k_ - Former Global Moderator Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.If you're looking for an alternative plug-in plugin to extended M-A-P, check out either eXtensible Admin for Eventscripts or Sourcemod.Mattie - Developer of Eventscripts (good community relationship over all these years). ManiCompat for Sourcemod promo Menu, surfTools.6 Edit.SG.
Real life just simply does not allow for such time consuming hobbys anymore.
10 December, 2012 - KBH Keeper 2 Comments.

Malak101 - Global Moderator Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.
The website will still be online until.
Gonzo - Long Time Supporter of M-A-P.

mani admin plugin 2013