Flytouch 2 update zip

flytouch 2 update zip

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Firmware: deb-r2.1.1001 Factory Installed, now what i have found out is that the factory ships these devices out with 1001 and ships the seller software to update flytouch the device via a pc, the the seller is supposed to update update the device to (Firmware: deb-r2.1.1170 Seller.
Stick it in the top slot and it will upgrade to this version.
1:Here's a new link by Smarkies that has a great pictural step by step flash guide.Ich habe bisher (so hoffe ich doch) alle dokumentierten moeglichkeiten zur signatur angewendet.Confirmed #3925.2.1 bootable flytouch sd install.Note: do not use the update software on the pad even through it says there is an update available.I installed the newest UO too and root seems to work after that too.O diff -ru - 12:17:52.But if you flytouch on 1001 your out of flytouch luck you flytouch going to have to go down to your local electronics store and buy a male(A) flytouch to male(A) usb or make one if you want.Step 5: update Now we are all set up to update your tablet.Always remember flashing can be dangerous and it is possible you can brick your device please ask if you have any problems im sure i and others can help).Step 8: once you have located all the files click the left button at the bottom of the setting page and then click start. Zip von der sd-karte zu installieren.
Zip 5 Fill ProjectCreated update.

Link, xDA Thread on it, tHIS ROM makes this mouse PAD rock NOW.I have had my fly touch 2 for 3 days now and i have been going through 1000 of post on trying to strike update my flytouch 2 but no one kamen could really help me and there is a bit of confusion on how to eagle get.Now if your on windows xp a window should pop up saying Install automatically or Install from know location.Iuw1.1-english m/file/taD2UBA plus instructions.Das problem: es gelingt mir nicht ein update.H diff -ru - 12:17:53.3: Ramdisk work around read posts from about 55-58 on Smarkies, why it is a good idea to re-flash the ramdisk other versions if you have no success with the one above.Thanks to Jiggity Janx.First of all you will need to download burn tool and 1170 update.You will also need to have done a U-boot-nand upgrade at some stage.For now its back to using IUW to do either one of the versions.Read further down for this.The problem with this is that there is no recovery menu and you cant install of the sd card you also cant use the system update app. People that are on firmware 1170 and above can update using the system update app.
You will still ebook have needed to have upgraded your "u-boot" at some stage.

Still stable, it is posted for those that dont want to go straight in to flashing a unwrapped image file.
Ich danke fuer jegliche hilfe und tips um das problemchen zu loesen - es flytouch 2 update zip waer einfach viel praktischer als fuer jedes geraet einen eigenen kabelsalat anzurichten my pad: Infopad.2v2.1#3925 [email protected]#1 frf85b.1.5(587 zuletzt bearbeitet).
Step 3: Hold down the menuhomepower, this will put you into usb mode.